Our mission:

We offer our customers the highest quality service and satisfaction at every stage of our work.



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DAKO Trade & Service Enterprises Sp. z o.o. as ‘DAKO JOB CENTER’ invites all interested parties to cooperate in terms of staff leasing. We are temporary employment agency based in Gliwice, Upper Silesia, Poland and we deal with staff recruitment, selection and supply.

The idea of staff leasing is replacing companies with staff recruitment, selection and further HR services being provided by our agency. This solution makes companies easy to adjust their employment level according to current market circumstances, with no bearing any additional expenses for personnel maintenance.

We also deal with seeking and recruiting suitable employees for permanent vacancies meeting company’s criteria and requirements.

is hiring employees with whom employment relationship is signed on the behalf of other business entities.

Temporary Employment Agency is responsible for finding job candidates employment at companies – agency’s customers. In this case, the agreement is signed between temporary employment agency and particular employee.

DAKO JOB CENTER specializes in seeking temporary as well as permanent vacancies in the following job categories: